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Enables hotels to streamline and enhance their guest experience. Compatible with leading PMS solutions like Stayntouch, Oracle OPERA , and roomMaster, the tool integrates guest charges across the hotel ecosystem by name and room number, and allows convenient functionality including mobile ordering at the hotel restaurant, pool, casino, and beach resort.

Payments Made Easy
Seamlessly send charges to the guest’s room folio, send charges from restaurants in surrounding areas, and allow your hotel’s front desk to access full check details.

Mobile Ordering

Hotel guests can order poolside, in the casino, and at the beach from their mobile devices. Guests can also order in-room dining via QR code on their personal device. Once the order is made it is auto-fired directly to the kitchen.

Do It All Using One System

Integrate all your hotel restaurants with one system. Thanks to a two-way integration with OPERA, TabitHotels doesn’t just push room charges to the PMS,
but also captures valuable data. In addition to reducing the need for multiple integration points, it puts detailed, real-time guest information at the hotel staff’s fingertips, enhancing customer service.



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Tabit is a truly mobile 360° restaurant hospitality platform made to address the needs of an entire restaurant from BOH to FOH. Our all-in-one platform will replace an old legacy POS terminal and transform a restaurant into a more efficient & profitable fully-mobile environment.


Tabit uses business intelligence, point-of-sale technology (POS), and mobile applications to provide holistic solutions that streamline the entire restaurant ecosystem, increase revenue, decrease operational costs, and elevate the overall experience for both operators and their customers.

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