Tabit PAD

Run your business from the palm of your hand

All-in-one solution which replaces your existing Point-of-Sale systems and leverages mobile connectivity to streamline restaurant operations, extend sales opportunities, and elevate the overall experience for both operators and their customers.

Tableside Ordering and Payment

Tableside interaction with the customers eliminates the need for servers to write down orders (or attempt to memorize them) and then have to key them into the POS terminal. The app’s intuitive workflow guides the server through the order taking process, ensuring that they capture all of the relevant details for each ordered item, while providing the best customer service.

Sales Increases

TabitPad allows the server to spend more time with their customers in the service area (tableside), promoting further sales opportunities (additional drinks and desserts). The app-driven up-sell and cross-sell prompts provide servers with additional sales opportunities during the actual order taking process.

Decrease Table Turn Times

12-15 minute decrease in table turn time during peak times. Tableside interaction with your customers eliminates unproductive time spent on keying in orders and processing payments.

Streamlined Training

Train your employees in minutes, instead of hours. Intuitive workflows coupled with the extended product information available within the app, streamlines menu familiarity and training for new and existing staff.

Customer Loyalty

Boost customer loyalty and increase profits by targeting promotions to your most loyal customers.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting
Get a consolidated view into the operations across multiple locations. Make smarter decisions, backed up by better data.

Designed to work Seamlessly with over 20+ integrations

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From handheld mobile POS to touchscreen KDS, we have your restaurant covered. Take a look at our 360-degree suite of products for every restaurant touchpoint.

Tabit PAD

Run your business from the palm of your hand

Tabit Shift

Manage employee work time and scheduling from one easy system

Tabit Kitchen

Communicate from FOH to BOH, seamlessly

Tabit Guest

Ultimate command and control center

Tabit Order

Serve customers at your restaurant, or at home

Tabit Chef

Command and control at your restaurant, or at home

Tabit Kiosk

DIY—done the right way

Tabit Feedback

Give customers the ability to provide direct feedback

Tabit Analytics

Provides the latest analytics and key insights about your business

Tabit Wheels

Manage delivery operations directly, eliminating 3rd party platforms

Tabit Gift Cards

Easily sell and manage giftcards

Tabit Hotels

Integrate with your hotel PMS