Tabit Wheels

Manage delivery operations directly, eliminating 3rd party platforms

Restaurants are now able to protect their operational margins by managing their own delivery operations and eliminating costly 3rd party delivery platforms that traditionally charge up to 30% of the order value, which in many cases can completely erode the profitability of accepting these orders.

Control Quality of Service

​Control the quality of service you provide your customers by ensuring that food is delivered in a manner that meets your service standards – just like you would provide customers that visit your restaurant. You can ensure order accuracy and avoid costly mistakes, by leveraging TabitOrder, which ensures your online ordering menu is always aligned with your POS menu. Enhance your customer’s experience by providing the most accurate ETAs and real-time progress based on order preparation, kitchen workload levels, and delivery route progress.

Protect your Customers & Brand

Allow your customers to place online and mobile orders directly with your business, thus eliminating dependency on 3rd party bolt-on solutions that isolate you from your customer, and can impact their purchasing preference based upon their own marketing strategy. Ensure a consistent experience that is aligned with your brand guidelines and service practices, from Order-through-Delivery, and further promote brand awareness leveraging your drivers as brand ambassadors. Stand out from the crowd - Don’t be just another restaurant option that is listed on a generic 3rd party delivery platform that has no affinity to your business brand. Gain meaningful insights into your customer’s purchasing behavior across all channels, whether they visit the restaurant to dine-in, or order via your online ordering platform, including operational KPIs that allow you to improve overall service levels. Your Customers – Your Data!

Empower Your Staff

​Easily leverage your staff to become your delivery ambassadors, offering them the flexibility of employment in a variety of roles across your business. Cross-train staff for the utmost flexibility in scheduling labor, where servers can become your delivery drivers when on-premise dining is restricted, or during different hours of the day.

Driver App & Management

​Drivers use the TabitWheels intuitive app on their personal device to view and manage the entire order delivery cycle. Orders that are assigned for delivery appear immediately within the app, containing all the relevant order information, customer details, and provided ETA times. Drivers can provide ongoing delivery status information to both customers and restaurant. Streamline the reconciliation process with your driver, where customer tips automatically are allocated to delivery drivers. Manage customer payments and cash flow directly, without needing to wait for deposits from 3rd party partners.