Restaurant Solutions

A fully integrated suite of products to handle all aspects of restaurant operations.

Tabit Analytics

The latest analytic, big data, and machine learning capabilities – highlighting key insights about 

Tabit Hotels

Integrate with your hotel PMS to bring contactless dining experiences in-room, and at on-site restaurants.

Tabit Shift

Manage employee work time and scheduling from one easy system.

Tabit Gift Cards

Easily sell and manage digital and physical giftcards to open new revenue streams.

Tabit Wheels

Manage delivery operations directly and eliminate costly 3rd party delivery platforms.

Tabit Feedback

Give customers the ability to provide direct feedback on a wide range of services and experiences.

Tabit PAD

The only MobileFirst™ POS solution. TabitPad is an all-in-one, fully mobile solution which replaces your existing point-of-sale systems.

Tabit Kitchen

Kitchen Display System that allows staff to manage orders better and enhances communication with FOH.

Tabit Chef

Everything the restaurant owner needs in order to maintain, control, and run the business from the palm of their hand.

Tabit Order

Customized online ordering platform for take-out and delivery.

Tabit Guest

Reservation and waitlist management system that maximizes the occupancy of your restaurant.

Tabit Kiosk

Self-service ordering system featuring a friendly, inviting, and easy-to-operate interface.