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TabitGuest is a reservation and waitlist management system that uses an innovative optimization engine to maximize the occupancy of your restaurant. Customer information and preferences are shared in real-time with relevant restaurant staff to elevate the overall customer experience.

Smart Seating

The system identifies and recommends the most effective table assignments for each guest, using factors such as: existing guest orders, restaurant capacity, and customer preferences - maximizing the restaurant seating capacity even during the busiest times.

Know your Customer

Track guest history and preferences across all interaction points – not just reservations, and share this information with the various stakeholders in the restaurant.

Real-time Reliable Data

Full synchronization between TabitPad (server’s tablet) and TabitGuest, includes: guest seating notices, tracking of order and table status, and check payment.

Online Reservations

The Online Reservations module uses advanced algorithms to recommend the appropriate table availability based on the guest’s history and preferences to improve their overall experience. The guest can submit, confirm, or change their reservation via a web interface that is configurable to match your restaurant’s branding.

Monitoring and Reporting

Combined with TabitInsight, you can accurately analyze the performance of the tables and areas in the restaurant. These insights can be integrated into the Smart Seating algorithms, maximizing the restaurant's throughput based on actual table turns. Information is further shared with TabitChef, providing visibility to anticipated and actual reservation and waitlist statuses.



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Tabit is a truly mobile 360° restaurant hospitality platform made to address the needs of an entire restaurant from BOH to FOH. Our all-in-one platform will replace an old legacy POS terminal and transform a restaurant into a more efficient & profitable fully-mobile environment.


Tabit uses business intelligence, point-of-sale technology (POS), and mobile applications to provide holistic solutions that streamline the entire restaurant ecosystem, increase revenue, decrease operational costs, and elevate the overall experience for both operators and their customers.

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