Serafina Shines with Tabit

"Tabit’s mobility does save. You're cutting down on labor, you’re cutting down on time... when they can do it right from the tables - that is a huge saving."


In a bustling culinary landscape where efficiency and innovation reign supreme, one brand stands out as a beacon of streamlined operations and unparalleled customer service. Our newest testimonial from Serafina illuminates the power of cutting-edge technology in revolutionizing the restaurant industry.

Tom Isabella, the general manager of their Aventura location tells us how his restaurant experienced a remarkable upgrade from their previous systems when they switched to Tabit.

One of the most striking revelations was the significant reduction in training time. Now, staff members can quickly grasp the functionality with menu icons. With just a drag and drop, orders are in, and a quick swipe sends them straight to the kitchen.

The mobility afforded by Tabit has been a game-changer, allowing orders to reach tables faster than ever before. Not only does this enhance the dining experience for customers, but it also cuts down on labor and time, eliminating the need for servers to constantly shuttle back and forth to stationary units.

Moreover, the platform's intuitive design facilitates upselling, with vivid pictures and detailed text descriptions of ingredients, flavor profiles, and allergen warnings. This not only boosts revenue but also ensures that customers make informed choices tailored to their preferences.

The ease of creating and redeeming gift cards coupled with secure payment options has streamlined transactions. With advanced back-office features, Serafina can enjoy full system configuration and robust reporting capabilities.

Investing in innovative technology isn’t just about staying ahead of the curve; it’s about elevating the entire dining experience while maximizing operational efficiency. Schedule a demo to see how Tabit can do the same for your restaurant.