Saltwater Cowboys

Igniting success in South Carolina

Before Tabit our goal was a little over $50k a day, this year alone since we brought on Tabit the last 6-7 months...$130k in one day."



In the picturesque waterfront of Charleston’s Shem Creek stands Saltwater Cowboys, a bustling restaurant that has etched its name among the top 75 busiest dining establishments in the nation. Behind this remarkable feat lies a significant transformation powered by Tabit—a game-changer that has revolutionized their operations and elevated their business to unprecedented heights.

Michael Brown, the Operations Manager at Saltwater Cowboys, attests to the profound impact Tabit has had on their restaurant. Formerly working with several POS systems, Tabit emerged as the clear winner, earning praises from both staff and diners alike. Servers now have the ability to showcase mouthwatering images of delectable dishes and refreshing drinks, elevating the dining experience to new dimensions.


"We can turn a lot more tables just by using KDS screen alone...this has been really, really a great thing."

Efficiency became the order of the day as the restaurant began to turn tables faster, thanks to immediate notifications to the hostess stand when tables were ready. With the streamlined kitchen processes facilitated by Tabit’s KDS system, the entire dining experience became a well-orchestrated symphony of flavors and satisfaction.

Saltwater Cowboys’ success story didn’t end there. With Tabit’s support, their daily revenue surged from $50,000 to an impressive $130,000. Closing time, once a time-consuming process, was now swift and seamless, as EOD reports handled everything efficiently.

"Tabit support has been huge.. 1 am they picked up the phone. We consider Tabit family, and we love it."

The true hallmark of Tabit's service was their unwavering commitment to excellence—being there at every step with timely and accurate assistance. Tabit isn't just a technology provider for Saltwater Cowboys; they've become family. With their white-glove and customer-oriented approach, Tabit has proven to be more than just a service provider; they've become an integral part of the restaurant's success story.

The journey of Saltwater Cowboys is a testament to how Tabit has the power to transform dining establishments, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary. With this innovative solution, the future of restaurants looks brighter than ever.