Elevating service at two unique restaurants

"Everything is a one-stop shop when it comes to Tabit. We integrated our Open Table with Tabit and that single transition saved me and the restaurant thousands of dollars weekly."


Salt 7, an upscale steakhouse located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale had just switched to using Tabit when new owner and operator Rob Berger came aboard. He was concerned about using a new system he wasn’t familiar with but agreed to give it a chance. He quickly learned that Tabit did everything he needed it to and more.

As a restaurant industry veteran, he has had a lot of experience working with different point of sales and credits Tabit’s ease of use to it’s cloud based system. There is no longer a 15 minute wait time between system refreshes to update menu items or add specials and the integration with partners such as Open Table has helped them save thousands of dollars each week.

"I've done a lot of acquisitions and a lot of changing POS systems and this was certainly the most seamless one I've been a part of."

After seeing the impact on savings and operations at Salt 7, when the ownership team acquired another restaurant, B Square Burgers & Booze, they knew immediately they would be switching over the POS system to Tabit so they could implement the same measures at this location that they had at Salt 7.

"For me as an owner/operator, value equals the experience divided by the price. It doesn't matter what I charge for a steak or a filet or crab legs. What matters is the experience and Tabit is now inherently part of that experience."

After acquiring another restaurant in the neighborhood, B Square Burgers & Booze, Rob and the ownership team were eager to switch the point of sale to Tabit. Knowing that changing point sale systems and acquisitions are two of the hardest things to do in the restaurant industry, the ownership team was impressed with how seamless the switchover was to Tabit.

In addition, one of the stand out features that created a huge savings when switching is that Tabit is payment processor agnostic. This allows the ownership team to negotiate their own rates with banks which creates a huge saving for them.

Now the leadership team is saving money at both restaurants with a better processing rates, a happier, more efficient staff and saving time on daily tasks like close of day that has gone from 2+ hours to less than one hour. To Rob and the leadership team, at the end of the day, the most important part of dining at Salt 7 or B Square Burgers & Booze is the guest experience and with Tabit, the team knows they have a great partner in creating a valuable experience for guests.