Roots Southern Table: A Journey of Flavor and Connection with Tabit

"Like most restaurants, it takes more than just food to have a successful restaurant. The partners that you select - for us we chose Tabit."


At Tabit, we take immense pride in being part of the vibrant success story of Roots Southern Table, a culinary haven located in Dallas, Texas. Co-owner Tom Foley and renowned Chef Tiffany Derry have turned Roots into a celebration of not just southern cuisine but also the warmth of family and the joy of great food.

Tom Foley, in a heartfelt testimonial, emphasizes the paramount importance of the guest experience in building a restaurant. TabitGuest has proven to be an invaluable partner for Roots, offering insights that extend beyond the restaurant doors. With Tabit, they’ve gained a deep understanding of their guests, enhancing their ability to create personalized experiences based on celebrations and special moments.

What sets Tabit apart, according to Tom, is the platform’s ability to facilitate greater interaction with guests. From assigning specific courses to particular seats to seamlessly firing orders to the kitchen while maintaining meaningful conversations, Tabit has revolutionized their operations. The result? Less wait time, increased mobility, and an overall improved dining experience.

"Tabit (has been) an amazing partner for us. You think about the design of the restaurant, but that has to start around the guest experience... That starts well before the guest steps in to the restaurant."

Chef Tiffany Derry echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the profound impact of small choices on a restaurant's success. Tabit, with its innovative features like TabitPay, where guests can conveniently settle bills with a quick scan of a QR code, has elevated the overall convenience for both Roots and its patrons.

We're proud to share that Roots Southern Table holds a special place in Tabit's journey—it was our first customer in the United States. Witnessing their growth from a promising start to receiving two 2022 James Beard Awards Final Nominations is not just a testament to Roots' excellence but also a source of pride for Tabit. Cheers to Roots Southern Table, and here's to many more shared successes!

"With Tabit at the table .. allows us to create an even better guest experience. Firing an entree, cocktail, or appetizer while I'm continuing my conversation with the guest, and that's really why we enjoy the mobility component."