Choc-Tastic Efficiency: Max Brenner and Tabit's Sweet Spin on Service

"Tabit has made restaurant service faster. Servers love Tabit - which makes their job easier."


Indulging in the sweet world of Max Brenner, where chocolate takes center stage, is not just a treat for the taste buds—it’s an experience curated with precision and made even sweeter with the help of Tabit. As Tabit manages multiple sites for Max Brenner, including locations in Union Square, Times Square, and the festive Bryant Park holiday pop-up, the partnership has become a cornerstone of efficiency and excellence.

A special shoutout to Scott from Gotham Hospitality Solutions, the Tabit partner instrumental in introducing Max Brenner to the transformative capabilities of Tabit.

In a conversation with Yossi, Max Brenner’s International Marketing Director, who boasts a decade of experience with the brand, we uncover the significant impact Tabit has had on their operations. Yossi reflects on his early days as a server, manually taking orders and navigating a time-consuming process. With Tabit, the experience has been revolutionized. Servers can now seamlessly take orders on the TabitPad, instantly sending them to the kitchen, all while maintaining meaningful interactions with guests. The result? An enhanced guest experience and a more efficient workflow.

"Using TabitChef for the back office...allows me to keep an eye on everything from one location, which is great."

Yossi, who plays a crucial role in menu development, utilizes TabitChef to analyze reports by categories, identifying best-selling items and making informed decisions to refine the menu. Live reports, accessible from anywhere, empower the team to stay agile and responsive to customer preferences.

Enter Wilfredo Martinez, with 12 years of dedication to Max Brenner as Director of Operations and General Manager. He highlights how TabitChef has become an invaluable tool for monitoring sales across different locations, offering real-time insights from anywhere. The impact on service is undeniable—Tabit has made Max Brenner's operations faster, more efficient, and highly mobile, with servers loving the ease and flexibility it provides.

"I used to go to tables and take an order, write everything, and if I had 4 or 6 tables, all sitting at the same time, it took a long time. Now with Tabit, it's super easy. It's very intuitive."

Wilfredo notes that since adopting Tabit, the per-person check average and tips per server have seen a notable increase. The ability for servers to showcase mouthwatering images of menu items on the Tabitpad has become a customer favorite, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Praising Tabit’s 24/7 customer service, Wilfredo emphasizes that Tabit has been an exceptional partner in every aspect. The sweet collaboration between Max Brenner and Tabit continues to redefine the art of delivering delectable delights with unparalleled efficiency and innovation.