Tabit and Hotel Greystone: A Match Made in Miami Beach

"We were looking for a mobile system that was going to allow us to not only take care of our guests right there - bringing the check to them, but also integrates to the hotel portion."


Meet Fred Wurster, the Director of Food and Beverage at Hotel Greystone, a luxurious establishment nestled in the heart of Miami Beach. Hotel Greystone, one of 6 hotels operated by Salt Hotels, is more than just a destination; it’s an embodiment of luxury and innovation. With a commitment to providing unparalleled experiences, every aspect of Hotel Greystone is meticulously curated, from its stylish accommodations to its world-class dining establishments.

At the heart of this transformation is Tabit, the MobileFirst POS that integrates with PMS systems like StaynTouch to bring guests more convenience, and operators more reporting capabilities. Within this renowned hotel, you’ll find Sérêvène, a fine dining restaurant curated by Chef Pawan, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and locally sourced ingredients.


"Being able to use Tabit allowed us to take a very progressive system and apply it to a very progressive labor force."

The challenge for Hotel Greystone was to find a mobile system that seamlessly catered to their guests. They needed a solution that not only provided a convenient check-out process but also easily integrated with their hotel services, allowing guests to charge their dining experiences directly to their rooms. Additionally, they sought a system that could consolidate data effortlessly for comprehensive reporting, from daily profit centers to monthly summaries.

Tabit proved to be the perfect fit. With the ability to split bills and ensure a seamless check-out experience, Tabit kept guests focused on savoring their dining moments, uninterrupted by payment hassles.

Hotel Greystone offers a diverse array of dining options, from casual to fine dining, including Kobo Cafe for breakfast and lunch, a rooftop pool and lounge for poolside service, and a jazz lounge for those seeking evening entertainment.

Adopting a new point-of-sale system can be a challenge, but Tabit’s intuitive interface made it a breeze. Staff embraced the system readily, as it mirrored the technology they interact with daily. This progressive approach not only streamlined operations but also enhanced guest experiences.

What truly sets Tabit apart, as Fred emphasizes, is the unwavering support. Hotel Greystone knew they needed a partner who would be there whenever they required assistance, whether it was late at night, early in the morning, or during critical monthly processes. Tabit not only met but exceeded these expectations, providing guidance and innovative reporting techniques.

"When we needed things, needed solutions last minute, Tabit has been there in a supportive way to help us through solutions."

Tabit has become an integral part of this dedicated team, helping Hotel Greystone seamlessly connect with guests and enhancing their overall experience. With Tabit by their side, they can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional moments that turn into cherished memories for their guests, time and time again.

In the dynamic world of hospitality, the ability to rely on a partner like Tabit, with its exceptional support and dedication, makes all the difference. Channel partners like Intelligent Point of Sale, the team that brought Hotel Greystone and Tabit together, go the extra mile to ensure that Tabit is the right fit for the venue. For Hotel Greystone, the decision to choose Tabit was about more than technology; it was about forging a partnership built on trust, support, and a shared commitment to excellence.