Charleston Crab House and Tabit: A Recipe for Success in Southern Hospitality

"It increased our sales and our budget $500,000 the first year, and hopefully it continues to climb."


At the heart of historic Charleston, the Charleston Crab House stands as a culinary institution, bringing the essence of Southern seafood traditions to life since 1991. Founded by John Keener, this esteemed restaurant has become a cherished staple, boasting multiple locations including the downtown hub on 41 South Market Street, the adjacent Oyster House at 35 South Market Street, A.W. Shuck’s on 208 King Street, and the Shem Creek Crab House, welcomed into the family in 2020.

Scott Larymore, the dedicated CEO of the Charleston Crab House Group for the past 19 years, shares insights into their flourishing journey with Tabit. Recognizing the need for a platform that could elevate their customer service and turn tables faster, the introduction of Tabit resulted in a remarkable $500,000 budget boost within the first year alone.


"[We needed] A platform that allowed us to turn tables faster, to provide faster customer service to our folks."

The impact on operations has been profound. Table turnover efficiency has allowed the team to accommodate larger sections, reducing labor costs and benefiting both back-of-house employees and expos. With a focus on the guest experience, Tabit's POS seamlessly handles large tour groups, automating calculations and streamlining kitchen operations.

"We do a lot of tour group business here and we can have anywhere from 75 to 150 people coming in and now Tabit, automatically calculates it for you. So our guys in the kitchen, you get 50 shrimp and grits ring in, you see 50 shrimp and grits on the screen."

Scott underscores the significance of TabitChef, an app empowering the management team to run operations smoothly. From real-time insights into food and labor to end-of-day reporting, Tabit Chef has proven indispensable. The integration of Tabit Guests has brought order to chaos, replacing the former reservation system and providing a comprehensive view of table readiness from the POS side.

One of the standout features of Tabit is the unwavering training and support provided. Scott highlights the accessibility of Tabit’s support, a stark contrast to their previous POS system. The Charleston Crab House team can reach out at any time, receiving prompt assistance to ensure smooth restaurant operations.

As the Charleston Crab House Group continues to expand, Scott expresses hope for a continued partnership with Tabit. The mutual affection between Charleston Crab House and Tabit is evident, with staff, management, and the executive team all singing praises for a system that not only meets their needs but also evolves with their growth. In the recipe for success, Charleston Crab House has found the perfect blend with Tabit, creating an unforgettable dining experience rooted in Southern hospitality.