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Consumer facing ordering platform for take-out and delivery that allows you to connect with customers anytime. It's easily branded UI can be tailored to your business. TabitOrder is based on the same item, pricing information and availability as TabitPad inside the restaurant.

Online Ordering

TabitOrder is a platform that allows you to communicate with customers directly, giving them the ability, on their phone or computer - to view the menu, place an order and pay.

Extended Sales Opportunities

With TabitOrder you can capture additional sales revenue without having to increase your staffing costs.

Flexible Offerings

With a user-friendly management interface, you can publish specific menu offerings, limit items that are about to run out, and manage distribution areas and delivery times.

Efficient and consistent Menu Management

All menus, items, and pricing information are managed in the same system as TabitPad, allowing the restaurant manager to effectively manage them while maintaining consistency across the different customer interaction points.

Branded and Easily Accesible

TabitOrder can be branded to reflect your business theme, and can be easily promoted and linked from your website and social media channels. Consumers can easily access the WebApp via thier desktop or mobile devices withour the need to download an app.



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Tabit is a truly mobile 360° restaurant hospitality platform made to address the needs of an entire restaurant from BOH to FOH. Our all-in-one platform will replace an old legacy POS terminal and transform a restaurant into a more efficient & profitable fully-mobile environment.


Tabit uses business intelligence, point-of-sale technology (POS), and mobile applications to provide holistic solutions that streamline the entire restaurant ecosystem, increase revenue, decrease operational costs, and elevate the overall experience for both operators and their customers.

Tabit Order



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