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Enables restaurants to extend their customer reach by giving them the ability to provide direct feedback on a wide range of services and experiences. Restaurants can monitor their service levels across all guest interaction points to ensure they maintain contact with their guests and respond quickly to their needs.

Flexible Surveys

TabitFeedback is a flexible survey system that captures consumer feedback through a variety of Tabit products, enabling managers to receive and react to feedback in real time. Surveys can be configured by each restaurant to reflect the feedback they wish to capture.


Once they have completed their dining experience, received their delivery order, or picked up their take-away order, customers will receive a text message with a link to complete a short survey. They will be asked a few short questions ranking the restaurant on various topics of your choice, for example: Service, Food and Experience.

How does it work?

A guest who has booked with TabitGuest will receive an SMS message at the end of the meal asking him/her to answer a few short questions about the restaurant experience. The questions are classified into different topics. When ordering via TabitOrder: A few minutes after delivery to the customer, an SMS message is sent with a request for feedback. All questions and topics can be edited, as can hours in which the survey is sent out.

Executive Reports

At the end of each day, managers or owners will receive a comprehensive analysis of customer surveys and conversion rates, highlighting specific areas based on the feedback provided. The system can be configured to trigger real-time alerts based on specified threshold responses, requiring immediate action.



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Tabit is a truly mobile 360° restaurant hospitality platform made to address the needs of an entire restaurant from BOH to FOH. Our all-in-one platform will replace an old legacy POS terminal and transform a restaurant into a more efficient & profitable fully-mobile environment.


Tabit uses business intelligence, point-of-sale technology (POS), and mobile applications to provide holistic solutions that streamline the entire restaurant ecosystem, increase revenue, decrease operational costs, and elevate the overall experience for both operators and their customers.

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