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Tabit KDS offers a step up from the traditional kitchen printers with an easy-to-use system that allows the kitchen staff to better manage order throughput, serve quality food, and create a great dining experience. The KDS systems tracks kitchen performance metrics across all stations and is seamlessly integrated with Tabit PAD to communicate and provide visibility for server and managers.

  • Accurate Order Management

    Printed tickets/chits can easily get wet, illegible or even lost. Tabit Kitchen provides a clear display of all orders while streamlining the production process.

  • Order Accuracy

    The kitchen is alerted immediately of all orders, including any special requested by customers. This makes it easier for kitchen staff the proper plan and prepares ordered items accurately the first time, which eliminates food waste, extra labor, and unnecessary frustration for staff and customers.

  • Better Customer Service

    Tabit Kitchen improves the overall customer service by ensuring that food is prepared efficiently and that the entire order arrives at the table simultaneously.

  • Increased Production = Boost Sales

    Faster and more effective meal preparation allows Chefs and Expeditors to save time by eliminating the need to re-read and call-out directions to kitchen staff. Kitchens increase their production capacity without increasing staff levels

  • Improved Communications

    All stakeholders in the restaurant have greater visibility as to guest ordering, restaurant and kitchen load capacity across all tables, and the status of ordered items.

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