Dine smart app


Provides a personalized, accurate and seamless dining and ordering experience. Customers can order food, make online reservations, submit preferences, provide feedback and pay using their mobile device – simplifying how they interact with the restaurant and its staff.

  • Consumer Facing App

    With the Tabit Dine Smart app, customers can make online reservations and submit preferences, provide feedback or pay on their cellphones - utilizing cellphones as the primary touchpoints and simplifying how they interact with the restaurant and staff.

  • Find your Favorite Restaurant

    Customer can search for their favorite restaurant based on their profile or dining preferences.

  • Mobile Ordering

    Ordering food from your favorite restaurant cannot be any easier.

  • Make Reservations

    Restaurant reservations can be made seamlessly via the app, allowing customer to also share their specific preferences and requests with the restaurant, ensuring the more personable experience

  • Mobile Payment

    Applying payment via their mobile device allows customers to swiftly pay their check and conclude their visit

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