TabitSimple Partner Program

At Tabit we keep things simple. An elegantly simple, yet powerful MobileFirst Restaurant POS solution and a simple yet rewarding partner program to go with it.


  • No fees
  • No territories
  • You own your customer – you bill
  • No quotas
  • Tabit will not compete with you
  • Sell to any customer, of any size, anywhere


So, what does TabitSimple mean:

There are no fees to join our program. We don’t assign you a quota that you have to hit. We don’t restrict what territories in the US you can sell to-as long as you can support the customer. Tabit is a channel-focused company and we will NOT compete with you. You will continue to own your customer relationships we bill you and you bill your customers. We don’t restrict what customers in the U.S. you can sell to, no matter what size, how many locations, or where they are located. We have a Key Accounts Opportunities list and we work with partners that register accounts to ensure they get the resources needed to win the business.

TabitSimple means easy to do business with and that translates to lower costs and more for our partners.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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