Mobile First
Cloud First

Designed from the ground up to be mobile, the Tabit solution implements mobile best practices and offers a business process oriented solution to address both restaurant operators and their customers.

Tabit is a cloud based solution, deployed using the latest cutting edge technologies, and utilizing Tablets and Smartphones as the primary touchpoints – eliminating the need for traditional on premise software installation and support. Built upon a single unified platform, Tabit offers a suite of solutions that address the entire restaurant ecosystem, thus reducing the need for multiple integration points, and breaking down legacy information silos. The solution is easy and fast to deploy.

Tabit supports multiple touch points serving both restaurant operators and their customers, while consistently utilizing the same business logic and unified data repository. Various stakeholders within the restaurant can leverage these capabilities: Servers, Kitchen staff, Managers, Hosts and also the customers themselves.

Tabit’s ecosystem extends beyond the restaurant “four-walls” to include: Online ordering and payment for takeout orders, corporate visibility and control for multi-unit operators, and ownership oversight and analysis of business performance.

Data is stored in a secure hosted environment, eliminating the need for data backups.



Tableside ordering eliminates the need for servers to write down orders (or attempt to memorize them) and then have to key them into the POS terminal. Tabit provides efficient menu browsing with extended item details & images. Servers can drag & drop ordered items, and assign them to guests. Intuitive workflows guide the server through the order taking process, ensuring that they capture all of the relevant details for each ordered item. 



We offer conversational ordering, without the server having to worry about the sequence in which he/she is typing the order. Unlike other POS systems where a server is required to type the items in line with a desired order in the kitchen, the Tabit system handles the printing of items in the kitchen completely automatically. The waiter can effortlessly order the items while talking to the customer. The system knows how to arrange the orders in the kitchen according to the order of preparation and directs them to the appropriate positions.


Table order

Efficient flow of generating bill and payment flow 

For speedy payment flow, the payment process is done at the table. A tip can be added to the order then split equally between payments or a variety of split payment options. Each payment can be executed separately or at once. The smart user interface has a simple option to void a payment The customer is provided with clear & real time payment flow. 


Payment Efficiency
Server “skips” the customer signature slip printout – no need to go the print station and bring the slip back to the table, as there is an electronic signature slip. 

Reduce the tip entry mistakes
Decision taken and approved by customer in 2 phases (entry/approval)while keeping their privacy.




Tabit enables accurate online ordering, or order ahead capabilities, including payment. It features centralized call-center ordering and routing for prep and pickup. 



Enhance your customer’s experience by providing accurate item information and images, offering customer loyalty programs and rewards, and enabling rapid and easy payment. Tabit accepts payments at the table or allows customers to utilize the self-serve payment option to submit payment for the check on their mobile phone, and conclude their visit without any dependency on the server. 



Managers and owners receive a comprehensive view of open tables with status updates. They can utilize a real-time dashboard to monitor a consolidated view of their operations, and receive exceptional notifications together with sales analysis and reporting.